donderdag, maart 20, 2014


In some passed time i made a few more cushions and they will be for sale in my little shop tomorrow. In this time spring flowers are in full bloom, they look gorgeous and i take as much pictures that i can for my research and work in progress. It gives new inspiration and ideas and i am working on them and i want to show you more about it soon. I can say it will be very "flowery". My plants are also doing good and that makes me happy. I also prepared my allotment garden the passed months, soon i can show you more about my work overthere as well. 
for you who did not know yet, you can follow me and little updates on my tumblr page. Until very soon and i wish you a lovely and creative time
pilea peperomioides
crochet cushion by lotte janssens - Belle Fleur de Lis

4 opmerkingen :

  1. The photos are wonderful and your crochet is wonderful, too. I hope the spring weather lasts as long as possible before the hot summer comes. :)

  2. happy spring to you:) so good to hear it brings you lots of flowery inspirations!

  3. happy spring Lotte!
    your world seems always to have 12 months of spring.

  4. i love those little white flowers in the brown wrapping paper :)


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