þriðjudagur, júní 30, 2015

lovely root vegetables ( part one )

I love turnips, their colours, taste, the way they grow and show up above the ground. Such a thankfull vegetable very worthy for growing in your garden. And the little bees are enjoying the lavender that is blooming.

miðvikudagur, júní 24, 2015

In the allotment garden

The passed days it rained much, which was a good thing, because the ground was very dry. Everything now got such a good watering and it was perfect to remove the weeds, but ofcourse they will grow back very fast again. My thyme plant is blooming very lovely with light puprle flowers. I planted it last year and is doing very well. This year i also planted pineapple sage. I never heared of it before and i really wanted to give this herb a place in my garden as well. During the weeding i could not resist to harvest a first little turnip. I added it to the carrot soup i made, and i liked it a lot. I am always so happy when I manage to go to the garden. It is always a big task for me, searching after a balance in my chronical health situation and when i am at my lottie, i somehow can let go of so many things in just being there, going with my fingers through the soil, looking at my plants, sitting there looking at the bees and seeing other little insects. When i return back home I feel and know i went over my limits, but i am happy that i could live in that moment again in my garden and that is what matters the most for me. Wishing you a lovely week and until very soon again.