fimmtudagur, september 18, 2014

lítill morgunverður

kamille is almost 7 months, she is sweet but sometimes also a little rascal, but i forgive her and i really love this picture of her. a little breakfast on my table and preparing for school. have a nice morning and until soon again.
dear kamille
góðan daginn

mánudagur, september 15, 2014

sjó og skeljar

i had a very nice time at the seaside. breathing fresh air and having a calm time, making walks and collect pretty shells and in my notebook i also keep little nature findings. now it is time to work further on my crochet projects and going to library school where i follow a documentation,archiving and library science course. i am not saying goodbye to lacemaking, because it is my forever truely dream, but at this moment it is time for building up other parts in my life and it feels good. i wish you a good start of the new week and until very soon again.
sjó og skeljar
fyrir veturinn